Social media credibility and influence

Kred LogoKlout has been around for some time, providing social media geeks with a way of measuring their “influence” via their various social network postings.

It appears a new player is on the way:  Kred

What is it? Well, in an article posted on Techcrunch, it apparently is slowly rolling out over the next week or so – headed directly for a head to head confrontation with Klout.

Curiosity got the better of me, so I decided to sign up via Twitter to get an invitation to check it out – gotta stay on top of the new stuff, you know…

I’ll let Techcrunch tell ya how it works (go check out the article):

“So how is this different from Klout? The main difference is Kred’s transparency. It shows you exactly how you got your score and lets you drill down to every retweet to see how many points it was worth. A normal retweet might be worth 10 points, but one from somebody with high Kred might be worth 50. A mention is worth more than follow, and so on. Since Kred is calculating everyone’s scores in realtime, it normalizes your score against the average.”



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