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#F**kyouwashington – will it be heard?

fuck you washington trend map

F U Washington trending map


it seems that the media has caught onto the Twitter frustrations boiling up at politicians in Washington – check out CBS News at:

This one got my attention while visiting my new Google+ account…

It seems that a new trend on Twitter is (and pardon my language, but I’m giving you the uncut version to facilitate your search…) #fuckyouwashington

Apparently instigated by Jeff Jarvis over the weekend, it’s starting to trend on Twitter. The question is, as ‘in your face’ as this hashtag is – will it get the necessary attention that it deserves? Is it capable of catching fire? Will twitter users latch on to #fuckyouwashington as a way to send a message to our elected representatives, and if so – will they pay attention.

This has me interested… while it has picked up some steam – it seems overwhelmed by Parking Wars, #amywinehouse and Brett Favre. A little disappointing from the perspective of child of the 60’s, but I’m holding out hopes that this will spark out and get some coverage and some major participation.

Social media as social revolution is fascinating – you get insight as to the how people prioritize things… and it’s not always comforting.

Here’s hoping for a good old-fashion digital sit-in!


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