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Awesome? Me?

First, this is a great domain name… now that I’ve gotten past that observation, let me endorse your taking a look at this site.

What is ‘’ you ask? Another social network? Another entry into the glut of social media? Not really… though it does relate to social media/networking.

While most social media sites facilitate interaction, they do little in relation to the acquisition of new conversations/contacts.  In fact, the best description of their approach comes from them:

Although a few companies like Dell, Starbucks, and Comcast have shown some decent success in utilizing social media, but a study by Yankee Groups shows otherwise for most companies. Other studies show Facebook and Twitter do not bring in leads. Such channels can be used as channels to engage with your existing customers, but not as a tool for generating leads which has been seen as a discouraging data point. I am not claiming will completely fill that gap (at least not initially until some more features are added to the product), but certainly it is taking a first step toward that direction.



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