Real Time Communication for Your Site

Comm100 logoComm100 is an open-source, no-cost hosted customer communication SAAS provider. A chat host that opens up a new level of reaching out to clients, the simplicity of this communication tool is truly amazing because of its ease of implementation, and deserves a solid evaluation from anyone who is serious about developing and maintain client relationships.

By placing a few lines of code on your website, you are able to establish a live link to visitors to your website; providing them with real-time support for any questions they may have. I’ve encouraged a number of friends and associates to explore the flexibility offered by this software, due to its ease of use and the solid real-time relationships that it can support.

It’s especially helpful for those of you who might be exceptionally mobile, as they also offer the ability to monitor communications remotely via their smartphones. They have created apps for the iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian platforms.

In addition to supporting real-time communication with visitors to your website, it can provide a wealth of information about who and when they are visiting, and the frequency of their visits. These conversations can be attached to tickets, email follow-ups can be generated, and the entire customer service experience can be exceptionally pro-active and positive, due the ease of this exceptional software.

Visit their site, download their software, install it on your website and give it a try; the experience is surprisingly easy and contributes a valuable personal interface that allows you to establish solid relationships with new and returning clients.



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