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Social Networks and the Workplace

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  • “technology is not just for the geeks, technology is part of our lifestyle…it is part of who we are. However, as we are all coming to learn, it’s not in what we have, it’s in how we use it that says everything about us.”
    Brian Solis 

Do you twitter while at work? Update your Facebook status? Yammer away at colleagues?How does this affect your performance – does it enhance or detract from your efficiency?

Many positions today require the use / integration of social media/networks in order to efficiently service their clients. However; does this integration represent a positive or negative for employers?

This can be a tough call – especially when you consider the paradigm shift in communication that has occurred over the past couple of years. Just as corporate leaders are getting used to email – the shift to social networks begins and the whole game is changing; leaving corporate policies in the dust…

While the inefficient use of social networks within a work environment can be an enormous time-waster, the question is: who determines the valid use within a work environment? It is often made by people who have little (if any) understanding of the capabilities of this new communication medium.

Other companies are rapidly utilizing social networking sites – in ways that could seriously affect you and your future career. A recent study stated that out of 2,667 managers and human resource employers, 45 percent reported they used social networking sites to screen potential employees. (

Be aware of the reasons for utilizing these networks within the parameters of your job, and able to show results that this interaction brings.

Publishing cute kitten photos while at work is not appropriate (unless you work at the Humane Society) – however: getting involved in conversations with people who are involved with your company/organization is a requirement. Be aware of how you / your company is perceived and act accordingly; interface with your clients in a responsible and pro-active manner, to ensure that their needs are met.

A couple of related articles from opposing sides of the issues:

Facebook and other social media cost UK billions
(By Paul Casciato, Reuters August 9, 2010)

Social media and the workplace: Dealing with a new phenomenon
(By James Chilton, The Daily News, April 15 2011)



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