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Social Media & ROI

Just got a look at an excellent ‘Powerpoint’ on Slideshare that I wanted to share with you,  regarding measuring the ROI of Social Media (thanks to the New Media Driver’s License website for sharing it initially.)


Viral marketing genius of DirecTV

Lap Giraffe - DirecTV

Lap Giraffe / DirecTV

Ok, this one got my attention… you know those absurdly great DirecTV ads with the miniature giraffe? Now they’ve added a new facet to the campaign:

Sokoblovsky Farms, “Russia’s finest purveyor of Petite Lap Giraffes.”

No kidding. Or, rather – kidding taken to a new level.

A brilliant continuation of a clever marketing campaign, that is already getting people to sign up for “delivery” of a ‘Lap Giraffe’ – which, when you do the math (“you are #63,419 on the list”) means delivery will happen sometime in the next 20,000 years.

Kudos, DirecTV – clever, funny, adorable – and viral. Works all around.

How to **** a career in 140 characters or less…

Twitter image of chrysler rant
It seems that a recent tweet released via the ‘official’ Twitter account of Chrysler has cost a young man his “dream job” with the automaker.

Frustrated by Detroit traffic, it appears that the young man decided to rant about other drivers: “I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the #motorcity and yet no one here knows how to (expletive) drive”

Unfortunately – that Tweet was intended for his friends, but he accidentally fed it through the Chrysler corporate Twitter account.

Chrysler immediately took action: they fired the firm he worked for (losing jobs for about 20 other people in the area) – and he was terminated by the agency he worked for.

This was unfortunate. He loved his job – but he didn’t take steps to ensure that it would last. This is a recent college graduate; not someone vaguely familiar with social media.  Life teaches you some rough lessons, once college is finished with you – and this is one of the worst.

It was avoidable, though. That’s the frustrating thing about it. He seems like a nice enough guy – but seriously, when you are directly responsible for the public image of a corporation that large, you don’t take risks. The tweet was released from his phone while he was sitting in traffic in the metro Detroit area.

First of all – Michigan law prohibits texting (which, it could be argued, this qualifies as).  Second – the whole rebirth of Chrysler – unveiled with that 2 minute Super Bowl commercial (“Imported from Detroit”) is geared to promoting the city and its automotive industry. Shooting out a tweet that is diametrically opposed to your biggest client’s point of view is just downright suicide.

I’m sorry he learned his lesson this way; but being totally honest here – I’m not sure he’s selected the proper career choice. Yes, we have freedom of speech in this country; but you also have a responsibility to people who are paying your salary. Negative comments and rants – if necessary at all – should be done privately.

It wasn’t even the expletive that got him canned – it was his critical rant.  (C’mon – Eminem was the Chrysler spokesperson…)

Professionals must be professional. Clients must be able to count on you.

This young man dropped the ball.

The Role of Social Media

Japan Crisis image from MSNBC

by Stephen Stofflet

This baby boomer (me) is amazed on a daily basis. The speed with which information is transmitted  internationally blows my mind.

While I was growing up, it was the newspaper – backed up by the nightly news from NBC. Today it’s Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds – immediate information flying through the digital  landscape to land on my desktop.

Initially, I really noticed the effect during the last presidential campaign and the incredibly effective way Obama’s team put the internet to work.

The recent events in Egypt, Bahrain, and Japan have demonstrated the power of that people hold in their hands. The power to tell the truth – to share their stories – to help.

The world is watching – and caring.

Power to the people (… and the animals!)