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Getting to Know You…

(originally posted on my other blog – (b)logout )

I’ve always considered myself a ‘child of the ’60’s’ – and came across this cartoon from the legendary Robert Crumb (“Fritz the Cat” and thousands of underground comics) – whose vision of the future has become freakishly real…

Robert Crumb cartoon

For the past few months, I’ve been part of a Social Media class at Michigan State University – the New Media Drivers License course (see NMDL tab at the top of the page).

I went back to school, due to my current position. I am the point of first contact for two online MS programs at MSU, and was convinced that the department could use someone who was comfortable with the concepts of online marketing and social networking, in order to reach out and find the applicants who would benefit from these programs.

Now that I’m wrapping up the course, I’m really excited by the possibilities that exist online.

Blogging, tweeting, Facebooking – opportunities available to introducing our MS programs to a wide audience, are limited only by the inability to think creatively, about how to reach people who are interested what you have to offer.

Getting to know you is incredibly important. My responsibilities at work are varied (and enjoyable) – but reaching out to new applicants via networking online has been truly exciting. It has opened up the world to the department that I work for. Literally.  We continue to experience solid growth, generating interest in our offerings worldwide.

The people I’ve met are fascinating, their work is diverse, their reasons for expanding their education as unique as their fingerprints.

The New Media Driver’s License has opened my eyes to a world of possibility by interacting with a truly global audience.

It seems I’ve had an epiphany:  I love my job…

Going back to college (as I near retirement age) was terrifying initially; the first day of class, I was definitely the “elder” in the room. Then I realized that I’ve put myself in the same position as the applicants that I speak to every day. I’ve decided to expand my knowledge, and after some initial apprehension, I’ve discovered that it’s a lot of fun…

I love epiphanies…




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