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Social Fundraising


A fascinating development on the internet is the current number of sites that aid individuals, groups, and organizations with the ability to raise funds for a range of purposes.

Instead of opting for the [formerly] traditional method of utilizing loan options from a bank or family members, many are now deciding to go directly to their core supporters for support; and it seems to work.

Some of these groups allow people to post requests for help – others deal more towards non-profit groups and community issues.

Make no mistake, though: this is a huge new field of opportunity, as a quick review of various solicitations will prove that many people are warming up to this ‘one-on-one’ approach to help.

What I really like about this, is that this is one-on-one. People supporting their friends, neighbors, and total strangers. It’s so refreshing to see this homegrown form of stimulus starting to take root on the internet, and I would urge you to visit these sites to learn more about this:

After all, you never know who you might meet…